AVBOB Cash back Funeral Cover provides funeral cover with cash back guarantee after every 5 years. That’s right, all the premiums you paid will be paid back, in cash, Join Now!

AVBOB Cash back Funeral Cover

Cashback Funeral Cover lets you save for the expenses of a funeral. And every 5 years without a claim, we’ll give you that year’s cash back – that’s right, all the premiums you paid during the 5th year will be paid back, in cash. And that’s just one of the many benefits you’ll receive.

AVBOB Cash Back Funeral Cover

AVBOB provides funeral cover with a cash back guarantee of premiums on the 5th year. Join Now!

What are the main benefits of AVBOB Cash back Funeral Cover?

  • You decide on cover levels – with Cashback Funeral Cover, you choose who you want to cover and at what level.
  • Accident benefit – if you pass away from an unnatural cause such as a car accident, we will pay a double pay-out.
  • Breadwinner benefit – in the event the insured dies, the insured’s spouse, parents and children will remain covered under an AVBOBpolicy without having to undergo a medical examination.This is only applicable if the insured pays his own premiums.
  • Children’s benefit – add as many of your children (your own children, step children or legally adopted children) as you want and only pay for one.
  • Extended family benefit – up to 6 family members can be added including brothers, sisters, grandparents, foster children, grandchildren, even a second spouse.
  • Parent benefit – if you have a Cashback funeral policy, you can cover your parents too. If you add your spouse on the same policy, then your spouse’s parents can also receive cover.
  • Spouse benefit – your spouse can be covered under a separate benefit.
  • Immediate coverage – when an accidental death occurs, we pay out within 48 hours after receiving the claim documents.
  • Easy payment options – you can pay in cash, bank debit order or stop order.

It’s because we’re specialists at what we do, that we’re here for you.

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AVBOB Cash back Funeral Cover get your money back!